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Professor Dan Douglas, Iowa State University, US:

In this inaugural issue of the Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research, the reader will find a broad range of articles that not only introduce the field of language teaching research but take it further along the road of understanding the many facets of the field.  Byram’s article, for example, elucidates the distinction between conceptual and empirical research, but brings them together in a useful way be referring to advocacy and implementation.  Krashen, too, takes a topic he has discussed for many years and extends our understanding of the distinction between subconscious and conscious language learning in new ways.  In my view, this is true of all the articles in the first issue of IJLTR, and all readers, both new to the field, and old hands, will find much to appreciate and consider. 



Professor John Sivell, Brock University, Canada:

The first issue of the Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research has set a very high standard. Substantial contributions from renowned world experts may be expected to capture the attention of an enthusiastic readership both within Iran and abroad.



Professor Rod Ellis, University of Auckland, New Zealand:

This is a very impressive first issue of IJLTR. The editors are to be congratulated on putting together a series of articles from well-known applied linguists on a variety of issues of great contemporary importance to the field.  It is to be hoped that this will serve as an incentive for Iranian applied linguists to send their contributions to the journal. I look forward to reading future issues.



Professor Jack C Richards, University of Sydney, Australia:

Congratulations on the publication of the first issue of the Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research and for the outstanding articles that appear in the first issue. IJLTR promises to provide a valuable forum for the publication of research and practice-based papers on important issues related to language teaching both in Iran and internationally.





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