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.............................................The International Conference on Current Trends in ELT

Conference Poster



Putting the Learner in the Spotlight

20-22 May, 2013


in collaboration with

Language Teaching Research (SAGE Publishers)

CONFERENCE VENUE: Faculty of Engineering, Urmia University Nazlou Campus, Sero Road, Urmia, IRAN



The Proceedings of the International Conference on Current Trends in ELT held in Urmia University (20-22 May, 2013) have now been published by Elsevier in Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences (indexed by SCOPUS) and are available online at: 


We are pleased to announce that the  English Language Department of Urmia University (Iran) will be holding an International Conference on Current Trends in ELT on Monday 20 May, Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 May 2013 (30 - 31 Ordibehesht and 1 Khordad, 1392). The theme of the Conference is Putting the Learner in the Spotlight. The conference will be an opportunity for national and international ELT researchers and practitioners to share their latest research findings and to keep abreast of the most recent developments in the field. Researchers and scholars from around the world are invited to submit their papers to be evaluated for inclusion in the conference programme. The papers can cover a range of topics in Applied Linguistics and ELT.   The abstracts will be evaluated by International Scientific Committee Members based on their originality, novelty, rigour and relevance to the conference theme. The accepted papers will be scheduled for oral/poster presentation and workshop.  

We are also pleased to inform the researchers that all accepted papers for the conference will be published by Elsevier in Procedia – Social and Bebavioural Sciences (SBS- Procedia) and will be indexed by SCOPUS.


Plenary speeches will be given by distinguished and international key ELT figures. Confirmed plenary speakers include the following:


  • Professor Jack C Richards (University of Sydney),
  • Professor Rod Ellis (University of Auckland),
  • Professor Alister Cumming (University of Toronto), via Skype
  • Professor Michael Byram (Durham University), via Skype
  • Professor Behrooz Azabdaftari (Islamic Azad University of Tabriz)
  • Professor John Sivell (Brock University), via Skype
  • Professor Bonny Norton (University of British Columbia), via Skype
  • Professor Farzad Sharifian (Monash University), via Skype
  • Dr Anne Swan and Dr Carol Gibson (Canturbury Christ University,  and TATE Instiute)



Proposals can be submitted on any of the following issues:


  • ELT research methods
  • Approaches to teaching ELT
  • Ethics in ELT
  •  Classroom-based/formal language learning
  • Naturalistic/informal language learning
  • Teaching skills/sub-skills
  • Child L2  acquisition
  •  ELT for young learners
  •  Adult L2 learning
  • ELT in university/tertiary level
  • Literature and teaching
  • Discourse and teaching
  • Management in ELT
  • Translation and teaching
  • Materials development and syllabus design
  • Curriculum/planning issues
  • Measurement and evaluation in ELT
  • Multilingualism in ELT
  •  Learner language
  • Leaner/teacher relationships
  • Cross-cultural issues in ELT
  • Challenges in ELT
  • Future directions in ELT


+  Any issue related to ELT or teaching/learning a second/foreign language



L2 researchers and practitioners and in particular ELT scholars are

 invited to submit their proposals online at linguistlist.org.

The deadline for abstract submission is January 20, 2013.


More information about the conference, how to submit proposals,

important dates and other relevant information appear in the links

on the left hand side of this page.


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